We are Bec & Steve.

We're Bec & Steve Trone, and we own Throne Media. We both developed a passion for photography while living abroad in Europe and the US. After a dissatisfying experience with our own wedding photos, we decided to offer our services for couples that want premium photos without breaking their budget. We've expanded our offerings to include all types of photoshoots, from family portraits to corporate events. Our focus is to capture life’s beauty and grandeur, from a baby's toothy grin to star trails over mountain peaks and everything in-between. 

From grass-roots


Throne Media originated in 2013 in Provo Utah. We've had shoots throughout the US, the UK, and Australia. We are excited to offer our services to anyone looking for premium photos on a limited budget.

Creating timeless & authentic memories

We aim to deliver beautiful photos that showcase our client's unique personalities. This works best in a fun, relaxed environment at a meaningful location. Don’t hesitate to contact us through this site, Facebook, or Instagram to learn more.